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Bonaprene Fluid Power Jet wing test rigs are designed
for testing the positioning of wing flaps on aircraft
such as Hawker Aircraft during assembly. Hydraulic oil 
is used to pressure test the wing valves and actuators. 
Included in the design is a pressure relief valve that
is set at 3200 PSI to protect against over pressure of 
the wing valves / actuators. 


The design and manufacture of mobile test rigs for the 
positioning of aircraft wing flaps during assembly. 
System fluid to be Castrol Aero HF585D.
The rig uses an air/oil pump with a 60:1 air/oil pressure 
Maximum flow rate at zero pressure is 3.8 Litres Per Minute. 
Air pressure filter regulators control the hydraulic pressure. 
Bonaprene Fluid Power include pressure relief valves that are
set at 3200 PSI to protect against over pressure of the wing 
valves / actuators.
Bonaprene Fluid Power include removable over flow reservoir to 
cater for the additional oil received from the aircraft wing 
valves and actuators.

Complete with the supply, assembly, painting and test of theHawker_Jet_wing
following items:

  • 13-litre oil reservoir.
  • 5-litre overflow oil reservoir.
  • Frame/cover assembly.
  • Drain valve.
  • Reservoir separator valve.
  • Oil level gauge.
  • Air breather.
  • Air filter / regulator.
  • Air/oil pump.
  • Pressure filter.
  • Relief valve.
  • Pressure gauge and isolating valve.
  • Directional valve.

All power units are supplied complete with a test certificate and technical file
on the electrical wiring/control systems.