Bonaprene Fluid Power Launch the GZZ0921 Hydraulic Ground Support Power Unit

Bonaprene Fluid Power are delighted to announce the launch of our latest test equipment line, the GZZ0921 Hydraulic Ground Support Power Unit.

The GZZ0921 provides a source of clean and pressurised hydraulic fluid for performing aircraft maintenance. Featuring a pressure compensated pump with integral flow and pressure controls, the GZZ0921 operates at pressures ranging from 250-3500psi. Other features include a stainless steel reservoir of up to 100 litres, and a manual starter with overload protection.

The standard hydraulic pump on the GZZ0921 has a maximum rate of 60 litres per minute (L/pm) when running at 1450 revolutions per minute (RPM), and a maximum continuous working pressure of 241 bar. The unit is enclosed within a mild steel cover complete with opening doors and removable panels as required, and the base frame features four swivel castor wheels, two of which are lockable, to allow easy movement of the unit.

The unit conforms to all the applicable EU legislation and will contain the relevant CE markings following manufacture.

This unit is built to a standard design but, as with all of our products, they can be tailored to meet your testing requirements. For example, Bonaprene can build each unit with variable flows, pressure rates and for use with different oils which deviate from the standard design, to make the rig suitable for your test procedures.

For more information, please visit our website at or email us at [email protected]

Bonaprene undertake Tripod Jack Calibration and Maintenance Contracts


Bonaprene Fluid Power are delighted to announce that we have secured two contracts with major UK tour operators to provide calibration and maintenance services for a wide range of Bottle, Trolley and Tripod Jacks, which are an integral part of aircraft maintenance programmes. The contracts will see Bonaprene Fluid Power undertake extensive repair projects from airports across the United Kingdom, to enable maintenance ground crews to effectively perform their maintenance requirements. The contracts will see Bonaprene Fluid Power consolidate its place as one of the leading companies in the world with this capability.

For more information on how our maintenance programmes can assist your ground operations, email us direct at [email protected]

Local MP's successful visit to Bonaprene


A business on Wrexham's Industrial Estate is forging links around the world, the town's MP has said. Ian Lucas MP visited Bonaprene to find out more about the business, which provides vital components for a huge range of industries. Three linked businesses are all run from the Bonaprene premises - Bonaprene, Bonaprene Fluid Power and Polybush. Mr Lucas visited all three during his tour of the factory. 

Speaking afterwards he said; "Products made at the Bonaprene site, mostly from polyeurethane, are vital in all kinds of industries. During the visit I saw everything from small bus parts to giant paper mill rollers being made, each with a key role to play in their respective industries. I was also interested to find out about Bonaprene Fluid Power's work with the aeorspace industry, and how Polybush provide top class components to help car enthusiasts improve their vehicles.

"Crucially, Bonaprene are constantly looking outwards to develop their business and during a wide-ranging discussion it was clear that this Wrexham-based company is seeking to compete globally.

It's just the kind of business we need to encourage in Wrexham and I was delighted to meet with staff, hear their concerns and share their ideas."

Bonaprene Launch Digital Catalogue

April 2013

Bonaprene are pleased to announce the launch of the 2013 Digital Catalogue, allowing you to view our ranges immediately online, and download a copy to your desktop.

Simply CLICK HERE to open the Catalogue on your screen, and use the option tab in the top left corner to download an offline version.

Follow Bonaprene on your Social Media Networks

April 2013

You can now follow Bonaprene on both Twitter and LinkedIn, and keep up to date with all the latest Bonaprene news and press releases.

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New Service award for Bonaprene in China

April 2013

Since 2009, Bonaprene have successfully carried out service and maintenance of our equipment in China, and we are proud to announce that this contract has now been extended until 2015. This covers our Hydraulic and Pneumatic test equipment.

Assured Vendor Reward Renewal for Bonaprene

March 2013

Bonaprene is delighted to announce the renewal of our Altius Assured Vendor status for 2013'14, award number: 304734

Assured Vendor Award from Altius

March 2012


Bonaprene Fluid Power is pleased to announce becoming an Altius
Assured Vendor on the 16th March 2012 - award number: 304734.
The assessment was very rigorous and has enabled Bonaprene Fluid
Power to demonstrate competence and expertise in the management
of quality and health & safety, as well proving Bonaprene Fluid
Power possesses the highest levels of commercial viability and
insurance cover.
Altius was appointed by Airbus to assess all of their key suppliers.
Altius provides independent vendor assessment for a wide range of
clients that includes Carphone Warehouse, Unipart Rail,
B&Q, Burger King and Topshop. For more information visit

Award of New Service Contract in China

March 2011


Bonaprene Fluid Power are pleased to announce a two year extension of the
service contract at XAC Aerospace in China. Bonaprene Fluid Power engineers
will continue to service and calibrate the test equipment in XAC's Test
House, including the Function and Flushing rigs and the particle analysers.
The equipment is integral to build programme of aircraft for the Chinese market.

Launch Of New Web Site

February 2011

Bonaprene Fluid Power, in conjunction with marketing company Fotofire, 
announce the launch of the new Fluid Power web site. This launch combines 
with a re-vamp of the Bonaprene Fluid Power Image to reflect the growing 
specialisation into test and control equipment. It has also allowed more 
differentation with our sister business Bonaprene Products especially as 
we think our new green colour more fetching than their burgundy.

Major Aerospace Installation Contract Obtained

November 2010


Bonaprene Fluid Power have been awarded a major fixed testing installation 
at Airbus Broughton to test the A380 wings prior to their shipment to Airbus
Toulouse in France. After years of review and project analysis, the project was
finally awarded to Bonaprene Fluid Power. Bonaprene will be responsible 
for the techanical and software design; the fixed pipework installation;  
construction,supply and commissioning of all aspects of the contract.

Engineering Training at the University

January 2010


As part of Bonaprene�s on going programme of training, five members of
Bonaprene staff have started a Mechanical Engineering course at Glyndwr 
University. The aim is to enhance engineering knowledge. 

Olivier Durieux, Glyndwr�s Mechanical Engineering Lecturer, 
has devised a course to cover a broad spectrum of subjects from deformation
of materials through to basic rules of electricity. Nick Perrin, attending 
the course, said "while it's proving challenging I can already see how it'll
help me in to improve my understanding of the loads and forces that apply 
in the test rigs we design and build. From a sales point of view it will 
improve my understanding of our customers' requirements"

Stage Award towards Engineering Apprenticeship 

July 2009:


Bonaprene are pleased to announce that Angelo Campos, the companies 
current engineering apprentice, has been awarded a Certificate of Unit 
Credit towards his City and Guilds Certificate of Engineering. This has 
been in the Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance module. Angelo
has obtained a credit and a distinction in hydraulic and pneumatic 
systems and components.

Announcement of Major Export Order

April 2009


Bonaprene Fluid Power are proud to announce the winning of a major 
aerospace equipment order for export to the People's Republic of China. 
Bonaprene Fluid Power will be designing, manufacturing, supplying and 
commissioning all the hydraulic test equipment for a brand new aerospace 
facility in China. The equipment is part of a Test House to control the 
quality of passenger jet wing production. The equipment includes Flushing 
and Testing rigs, Manometers and calibration flow kit. Bonaprene Fluid 
Power will also be providing a very wide range of ancillary equipment and 

Degree in Manufacturing Technology

July 2007


Bonaprene Products are pleased to announce that the companies Production
Director, Richard Mills, has obtained a Masters of Science degree in 
Manufacturing: Management and Technology from the Open University. 
Obtaining this degree has required a large amount of work but brings 
high level skills into Bonaprene's business of specialist engineering.

Factory Extension

June 2007


Bonaprene have put the finishing touches to the 10,000 sq foot (1,000m2)
factory extension to bring the total floor space to 30,000 sq foot (3,000m2). 
Now this has created the room for the growth of the last few years, Bonaprene 
can now all breath out again. It has also allowed the Fluid Power Division 
to expand their warehousing and have new facilities for manufacturing, 
offices, stores, meeting rooms and most importantly a lovely new kitchen.

Purchase of Land

March 2006

Bonaprene have finally completed the purchase of building land adjacent to 
the factory on the Wrexham Industrial Estate. Bonaprene can now progress 
with the planning application for a 10,000 sq foot extension to the factory. 
This will allow a growth in Bonaprene's processing capacity as well as 
installation of new automated machinery.

Apprenticeship in Engineering

July 2006


Bonaprene are pleased to announce the awarding of the latest Modern 
Apprenticeship in Engineering from SEMTA The Sector Skills Council. This 
skills for business award has gone to Mark Jones who works in the 
Bonaprene machine shop. 
Mark has worked hard both practically in the shop and at Yale college in 
Wrexham to complete his apprenticeship. Mark now takes up his duties as a 
fully time served machinist. He will be involved in tool making and general 
milling and turning work.

Upgrade of Technical Drawing System

March 2006


Bonaprene Products have completed their investment in a comprehensive 
upgrade of their technical drawing capability with the purchase of 
Solidworks suit of programs.To complement this Bonaprene's draughtsmen 
have attended the Solidworks training course. The investment will allow 
Bonaprene to offer their customers a faster and more comprehensive 
design service especially in the areas of equipment design and component