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The Flushing & Pressure Test Rig is designed to carry out leakage and proof 
hydraulic pressure tests for the wing box hydraulic systems. A PLC control 
system controls both the rig and the test operations on the wing. The Rig 
conducts a Fluid Pressure Test and a Nitrogen Leak Test. During the tests a
contamination monitoring system reports on the cleanliness of the oil via a 
particle analyser. This Test Rig can perform a hydraulic pressure Test of up
to 5,200PSI @ 90 l/min.


The purpose of the rig is to carry out leakage and proof hydraulic pressure
tests for the wing box hydraulic systems.
The rig contains a reservoir to store the hydraulic fluid and a pump to provide 
pressure. It also provides pressurised nitrogen into the system via existing 
nitrogen bottles connected to the rig. An electrical control system controls 
both the rig and the test operations on the wing.

Hydraulic Fluids

The rigs are designed to handle phosphate ester hydraulic fluids such asTest_rig_mechanism_web
Hyjet and Skydrol to Airbus specification NSA307110. It is a requirement
to function test the system and check for cleanliness to a standard of
NAS 1638 class 7 or better using a particle analyser

Test Parameters

  • Nitrogen high pressure capable of test up to 1500psi.
  • System evacuation – purge system with fluid at approx. 10 - 60psi
  • Hydraulic high-pressure leak test up to 3000psi.
  • Hydraulic proof pressure test to 5200psi
  • System flushing at 400psi (15mins) at rate of 90 litres/min


  • Electrically controlled programmes via HMI with manual control. Input by panel
  • mounted keypad and monitor or touch screen on the front of the rig.
  • Hydraulic Pressure Test up to 5,200PSI
  • 150 litre reservoir
  • The rig is mobile and easily manoeuvrable in confined spaces
  • Structure is unpainted stainless steel with survivability and cleanliness in mind
  • Skydrol resistant cable and cable conduit
  • Suitable access points for maintenance
  • The finished assembly is supplied fully assembled and tested, and complete with 
  • all general arrangement drawings, test certificates and manuals
  • Mains 415V power supply
  • Max full load current 32A

Hydraulic System

  • Automatic reservoir refilling systemLR_Photo_rear
  • Reservoir is fitted with temperature thermostats for cooler control; level floats 
  • switches and a filtered filling system.
  • Rig provides “turbulent flow” to flush system.
  • Air blast cooler to maintain low temperature.Thermal cut-off at 60C (running temp 40C)
  • Complete with inbuilt particle analyser, to monitor cleanliness – interacting with HMI
  • visual indicator for checking state of hydraulic fluid flow during purge
  • Transducers on each system will maintain pressures as required and report back on 
  • any pressure loss.
  • During the tests a contamination monitoring system reports on the cleanliness of the
  • oil during test.
  • Automatic flushing controlled via HMI. Flushing times varied and to continue until 
  • piping achieves cleanliness standard NAS 1638 Class 7 or better.
  • Each test is logged and a printout provided with a suitable test or serial number 
  • entered by the operator.

Nitrogen Purge System

  • Hydraulic fluid is purged from system back to reservoir post testing
  • Nitrogen supply from existing bottles connected to the rig via a self-sealing coupling.
  • Electrical Control System
  • It is housed within the rig in such a manner that it is isolated from the Skydrol side 
  • of the rig and includes all pressure and oil monitoring functions.
  • The system is operated by use of a HMI that will allow the operator to complete the 
  • test operations.
  • The console includes the operation of the particle analysis system.
  • Visual monitoring of the pipe work, system state, flushing flow rates, input and output 
  • pressures is provided on the Test screen.