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GZZ0921 Hydraulic Ground Support Power Unit

The GZZ0921 provides a source of clean and pressurised hydraulic fluid for performing aircraft maintenance. Featuring a pressure compensated pump with integral flow and pressure controls, the GZZ0921 operates at pressures ranging from 250-3500psi. Other features include a stainless steel reservoir of up to 100 litres, and a manual starter with overload protection.

The standard hydraulic pump on the GZZ0921 has a maximum rate of 60 litres per minute (L/pm) when running at 1450 revolutions per minute (RPM), and a maximum continuous working pressure of 241 bar. The unit is enclosed within a mild steel cover complete with opening doors and removable panels as required, and the base frame features four swivel castor wheels, two of which are lockable, to allow easy movement of the unit.

The unit conforms to all the applicable EU legislation and will contain the relevant CE markings following manufacture. This unit is built to a standard design but, as with all of our products, they can be tailored to meet your testing requirements. For example, Bonaprene can build each unit with variable flows, pressure rates and for use with different oils which deviate from the standard design, to make the rig suitable for your test procedures.

The Hydraulic Ground Support Power Unit is comprised of the following components:

•100 litre stainless steel reservoir

•Base frame complete with four castor wheels (two lockable)

•Mild Steel painted cover complete with opening doors and removable panels as required

•15kw 4 pole, 400 vac, 3 PHz, 50 cycle electric motor

•Damping rods

•60 L/pm pressure compensated piston pump

•4 port suction selection ball valve

•2 - 60 L/pm flow meter with temperature gauge

•Manifold block assembly containing an isolation check valve, maximum pressure relief valve and flow by-pass valve

•3 micron non-bypass pressure filter

•Fluid sample valve

•Air Blast heat exchanger

•1” Suction hose (5m length)

•¾” Pressure hose (5m length)

•Bellhousing and couplings

•Particle counter (Fluid condition monitoring)

•5.7” Toshiba Colour HMI Screen

•Fully integrated control panel

•415 vac 25amp DOL motor start and protector for hydraulic motor

•110 vac 2am Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) protected supply for Heat Exchanger

•300VA Transformer (415/100Vac)

•Emergency Stop Circuit (Auto Resetting)

•250 bar Pressure Transmitter

•415 vac 5 pin 32amp plug on 10 metre lead for power sources

In addition to the above standard base model, many features can be added to enhance the performance and flexibility. These include, but are not limited to;

•Dual system selector valves

•Return line filter

•Reservoir heater

•Hours run meter

•Operation with phosphate ester fluids (Skydrol, HyJet and equivalents)

•Smaller or larger capacity Electric Motor and / or Pumps