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Bonaprene Fluid Power offers in house specification and design of all types of aerospace and 
industrial hydraulic test rigs. Bonaprene Fluid Power’s hydraulic test rig technical department 
produces the schematics,layout and drawings from initial specifications. Bonaprene Fluid Power’s comprehensive range of core abilities in hydraulic test rigs reflects a highly focused, technically strong and expert, customer support services partnership facility. Bonaprene Fluid Power’s hydraulic test rig engineers have the ability to give advice on product selection, system design, troubleshooting, service, and repair and planned maintenance; Bonaprene’s hydraulic test rig engineers are available to attend site throughout the UK and the rest of the world in a variety of industries and markets. 

Bonaprene Fluid Power’s hydraulic test rigs project department approaches each order by designing a quality system, while helping the customer reduce costs.  Bonaprene Fluid Power being distributors of a complete range of hydraulic and pneumatic products allows Bonaprene Fluid Power to have the best prices at its disposal. Bonaprene Fluid Power utilise the latest in design technology,using Solid Works 3D Computer Aided Design systems allowing communication directly with the customer via electronic transfer.

All Bonaprene Fluid Power’s pnuematic and hydraulic test rig projects, once finalised, come with a comprehensive manual including parts list. Bonaprene Fluid Power include all the PLC/MMI, pumps, valves, gauges, hoses, connectors and cabinets in the pneumatic or hydraulic test rig build as well as the manuals. Bonaprene Fluid Power manage these pneumatic or hydraulic test rig projects following IPAC (initiation, planning, application & consolidation) standards. Once the pneumatic or hydraulic test rigs are delivered, Bonaprene Fluid Power manage all the post delivery servicing if required. Bonaprene Fluid Power won’t finish until the customer is completely satisfied.

All Bonaprene Fluid Power’s pneumatic or hydraulic test rig designs are built around the customer's requirements; they are not modified off the shelf pneumatic or test rig products. This provides the test rig equipment that is perfect for the customer requirements. Bonaprene Fluid Power test rig equipment is built using the best quality components, which offer worldwide warranties and servicing.

When the world’s aircraft manufactures need custom test solutions for aircraft, they turn to Bonaprene Fluid Power for large scale, central hydraulic test rig systems and specialized software packages. Bonaprene Fluid Power has engineers from many disciplines to provide innovative custom solutions to the customer. Bonaprene Fluid Power can offer new component testing that requires high flow and/or high pressure test rigs as well as working with partners on joint ventures to third party customers.