Hydraulic Test Equipment > Ground Support Test Equipment > Diesel Powered Hydraulic Service Trolley

Diesel Powered Electrically operated test rig to enable on
ground testing of all types of Aircraft (specially the
Airbus range of aircraft) Hydraulic Systems.

It can be connected to each Aircraft Circuit to check and
test hydraulic systems such as:
Landing Gears, Brakes, Flight Controls, Flaps, Thrust reverser, etc.
Checking operating pressures and Decontaminate / Hydraulic fluid.

Performing such tests on aircraft equipped, or not equipped
with a self-pressurised hydraulic reservoir. The Test Stand
can to be used to check each circuit for the correct flow
rates, pressures, operations and leakage, filling/feeding
or draining and decontaminate of hydraulic fluid. Via their
ground servicing receptacles, without removing components
from the aircraft or running the Aircraft Engine.


An open and closed loop hydraulic circuits (combined), with two
supply/ returns.
Flow rate: adjustable from 10 to 190 Lt./Mn or more (50 GPM @ 3000 psig)
Pressure: Adjustable from 40 to 350 bars (580 to 5000 psig)
Pump: variable displacement, pressure compensated type
Vane Boost Pump
Drive/ Prime Mover: three phase Synchronous Electric Motor (440 V 50 HZ)
0-5000 psi system supply and return gauges

Flow meters
Independent 10, 000 psi static pressure hand pump.
Filtration of fluid in supply and returns lines to prevent contamination
travel to critical aircraft or stand components
Heat exchanger for cooling of Fluid
60 litre reservoir capacity
Can be used on Skydrol 500B/ Skydrol LD4 / Hyjet IV
Temperature Environment ranging from - -20 to +50 C (-15 to +105 F)
& humidity up to 90%
Hoses Internally EPDM Coated flexible Hoses with quick coupling for
aircraft receptacles