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Bonaprene Fluid Power design custom control panels across a broad range of 
industries. Bonaprene Fluid Power systems and custom control panels can range 
from simple to complex; starters to networked control solutions for a variety 
of industrial applications.

Bonaprene Fluid Power offer a comprehensive design & manufacturing service for 
control panels or control boxes. Bonaprene Fluid Power can incorporate any 
pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical or instrumentation components including low 
temperature applications.

Pneumatic control panels are used in industry to house control systems in clean 
and safe conditions; they are usually wall mounted in close proximity to the 
host machinery. The pneumatic control panel unit sizes may vary to suit the 
particular application and a stainless steel finish can be specified to facilitate
wash down.

For security reasons some panels are lockable to prevent unauthorised access.Pneumatic_Control_Panel_web_1

Bonaprene Fluid Power use computer aided design technology to develop each 
pneumatic control system in precise detail, and consultations with the customer 
throughout the project guarantee effective machine control solutions. 

The layout of each pneumatic control panel is designed to allow easy setting and 
maintenance of the pneumatic control system. Air lines and electricity cables are 
incorporated using special fittings and connectors. The panels are IP rated and 
the systems are tested to meet safety standards.

There is a growing complexity of modern pneumatic systems and with it the need 
to attain a high reliability and integrity. To meet this the pneumatic components 
of systems are intergrated into modular form to reduce the number of 

Bonaprene Fluid Power’s versatile pneumatic control panel provides centralized
control of applicator functions. Because of the control panel’s adaptable 
functionality, the operator can quickly and easily interface with application 
equipment. And since the controls are entirely pneumatic, the panel can be located 
in any convenient location.

The Bonaprene Fluid Power pneumatic panel can be designed to withstand pneumaticPneumatic_Control_Panel_web_2
pressures of up to 300 PSI and hydraulic pressure of up to 15000 PSI. The Hydraulic 
pressure can be generated by pneumatic or electric driven pumps. The complete panel 
is enclosed which encapsulates instrumentation, electrical and tubing. The Control 
panel can be designed for the highest levels of safety and the instrumentation 
conforming to European and American standards.